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Impact Analytics helps businesses to innovate, grow and improve performance using technology. Together with you, we identify high priority business cases that can be tackled with the latest state of the art technologies, without vendor lock-in. Solutions include machine learning development, consumer analytics, image recognition, pricing analytics, time series prediction, recommendation engines, and reporting. We develop and implement this in your current digital environment in a fast, scalable and sustainable way.


We love pioneering the newest possibilities of machine learning and solving complex puzzles. We enjoy new challenges and thinking out-of-the box, while maintaining a high quality deliverable, and bring the latest innovation to the table that is available. Believing that the effort of IA should always lead to a clear outcome, tangible results are therefore key in our way of working.  

Impact Analytics is on a mission to create a smarter world and increase living standards by utilising automation and technology.

Our Values


We’re dedicated to our clients. Your needs and problems always come first, and only with a deep understanding of your business can we solve those problems.


Data science is a complex and dynamic industry that’s frequently misunderstood. That’s why our credibility is a cornerstone of our identity.


Every step of our process is defined by rigor. We validate results before sharing them, and we’re upfront with clients when we come across challenges in their data.


Collaboration flows between our clients, the strong team, and the data science community as a whole. Internally, we share what we know freely, and we’re never afraid to ask each other for help.


We care about scalability and efficiency as much as our clients do. From our project management tools to our development process to our documentation, effectiveness is at the core of what we do.


Fun is vital! Next to daily work, we enjoy heated game tournaments, also communicating with far too many GIFs.


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We’re Impact Analytics, a data science and machine learning development firm.

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